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Fundamentals of the Oil and Gas Industry

Feb 24-27 | Sep 08-11, 2019 | Dubai, UAE



This course will provide the participants with an overview of the oil and gas industry and related facilities. It will present a fundamental understanding of the wide range of oil and gas production handling and treatment equipment. It will cover both upstream, middle stream and downstream operations.The course will include a number of exercises aimed at enhancing each participant capability to solve various petroleum problems. A number of short films will be presented during the course to enhance the

participants’ knowledge about the petroleum operations.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the oil and gas production operations
  • Understand the global oil & gas related statistics, such as reserves, production, consumption, and exports
  • Learn various methods and techniques used to explore, drill, produce, treat and transport oil, gas and their products
  • Learn the methodologies of oil & gas operations facilities from the wellhead, flow lines, separators, tanks, pumps and compressors, pipelines, gas treatment and processing, refinery operations, economics and risk analysis.
Is it right for me?

The course is Suitable for:

  • Non-petroleum engineering
  • Secretarial, Administrative and Management personnel’s
  • Field Support, Accounting and Purchasing departments
  • Economics, Legal, Finance, Human resources, Drafting, Land and Data processing personnel and those interested in obtaining a general understanding of the petroleum industry.


*ASTC reserves the right to alter venue, dates, content & trainer.

Course Fee: US$ 3,250 (Fee + 5%VAT as applicable from 1st Jan 2018)
Duration: 4-Days
Country: Dubai, UAE
Training Dates: Feb 24-27 | Sep 08-11, 2019

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