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A life without Smart phone

A life without Smart phone

In today’s’ world a life without internet & smartphone is not more than a myth. All of us more or less surf the web every day, use social media and professional accounts on daily basis but there must be a clear line between a casual use and addiction.

Recognize the addiction:

The first step is to recognize that you are addicted to the smartphone and internet. Think and note down which unnecessary activities/ specific activity on social media eats your much time which if you avoid doesn’t affect at all.

Limit your internet time:

Try not to spend many hours on the internet for just surfing without a purpose. It’s not only wasting your time but also become a habit which leads health problems.

There are numerous positive things of internet & cell phone such as; engage with your friends & family at any time, finding a solution on Google, YouTube and other search engines connect with your emails. But we should understand that extra use of smart phone causes psychological disorders. Its addiction causes anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, cause social disengagement, serious relationship issues, and accidents.

Don’t use your Smartphone to avoid boredom:

Must find other ways to alleviate boredom such as; Explore the nature, go out with your friends at the beach, playgrounds or do chit-chat, spend more time in-person interaction with your family instead of wtsapp/twitter and use paper books instead of reading online a lot.

Connect with yourself:

Never disconnect with yourself. Understand your feelings, moods, engage in enjoyable solo activities like regular gym, swimming, walk or cycling and practice self-compassion.                                       

Switch off your Wi-Fi connection:

                                                                           In a day there are many hours you don’t need internet and just switching off your Wi-Fi you save yourself. E.g. during driving, sleeping, eating, swimming, gym, or other sports time. We do understand we cannot switch off cell phones sometimes but Wi-Fi at least we can avoid and stay away from unnecessary distractions of social media.   

Don’t let smartphones control your life:

Technology has created to serve us, instead of controlling us. We cannot entirely stay away from the internet and smartphones but at least we should not let them take over ours’ life.

Just 2 hours a day stay away from your Smartphone, can change your life.

I’m not a salve of technology, Are you?

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