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Advanced Studies and Training Centre was established in the year 2000 to bring together local business individuals with professional international trainers, with a view to facilitate learning. Keeping in mind the cultural diversity in Dubai, we offer trainings in a variety of subjects in both English and Arabic languages.



It is our mission to engage people in learning that inspire them to be involved and take action.



To become the premier destination for ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs.



We are a solution provider, passionate in transformation and committed to create an environment of success and trust

CEO’s message

Mohammad Al Hashemi

“Seeing the profoundly growing infrastructure in Dubai and developments all around the Globe, one thinks of the needs to come up in this ever-growing competitive world.

Advanced Studies & Training Centre has come up in this competitive market to help those who require assistance to climb the ladder of success.

Our learning solutions are comprehensive and complete, result driven and development focus, based on the high quality content provided in the 21st century blended environment.

We hold the hands of our clients and help them to taste success, continue to transform their business and endeavor to develop their resource through our learning packs.

“I believe this is the place where you’ll start with endless journey of success and learning”

ASTC Three Pillars of Success for Enlighten Your Business
  • Qualiy Content
  • Customer Focus
  • Culture Of Trust

Our Training Partners & Members


The UAE Financial Market Association was decreed by the Ministry of Social Affairs in December 2011 and is the standard bearer for financial markets professionals in the United Arab Emirates; we have more than 200 members under the umbrella of the UAE FMA.

The UAE FMA is affiliated to ACI – The Financial Markets Association, the global umbrella body of national associations. The Paris-based body has more than 13,000 members worldwide in more than 60 countries. This makes ACI the largest international association in the wholesale financial markets. ACI – The Financial Markets Association was founded in France in 1955 following an agreement between foreign exchange dealers in Paris and London. UAE Financial market Association seeks to add value to the industry and its members by promoting continuous education and social awareness.

The main priorities of the United Arab Emirates Financial Markets Association are to keep members informed of the changes in the financial industry and provide a forum for discussion in organized events on issues affecting the markets, the UAE FMA enhances educational value and working experience and knowledge by providing appropriate educational services to those with a legitimate interest in the financial markets. UAE FMA also cultivate greater communication channels among members, markets, and other similar bodies so as to give members the opportunity to network through various events organized by the Association.



The ACI Financial Markets Association, the global umbrella body of national associations. The Paris-based body has more than 13,000 members worldwide in more than 60 countries. This makes ACI the largest international association in the wholesale financial markets. ACI – The Financial Markets Association was founded in France in 1955 following an agreement between foreign exchange dealers in Paris and London.


“ASTC is an Approved Exam Center & Training Partner of ACIFMA


The training business was originally founded in 1987, and since 2005 has been established as Hastings Business Training. HBT is a provider of Corporate Strategy training solutions, including courses in Management, Financial/Auditing, Information Technology and Public Sector administration.

Organisations train their staff to increase their competitive advantage in their chosen market. In whichever industry, in whatever skill area, investing in expertise gives an organisation the ability to react faster to situations where success is critical to achieving business goals.

In the field of management information systems, the rate of technical development is so fast, and its implications so radical, that training in this area is even more vital than most. Increasingly, technology allows organisations to right?Size their internal systems and create mission critical computer networks.

Efficient, well-structured and resilient networks are therefore essential to business success, needing internal staffs that have the right expertise and experience. This ensures the organisationmaximises its return on Information Technology investment which is an extremely valuable asset.

Hastings Business Training helps organisationsrealise these objectives by providing a carefully designed specialised service for management, accountancy, auditing, and computer technology training requirements. Dedicated to delivering total customer satisfaction, Hastings Business Training has constantly developed and refined its training programmes to ensure that it is at the forefront in its field of expertise, providing excellent quality and value to customers.



RisXcel (UK) Ltd is a Corporate Management Training & Development Organisation designed to fulfil a need for organisations and individuals who have certain qualifications and experience and want to improve their career and person development through personal effectiveness. We create very well structured customised learning programmes that engage people, help build success and inspire people to empowerment and achieve shared goals.

RisXcel (UK) Ltd has established an enviable reputation for providing and delivering world-class trainings and development programmes in a variety of fields programmes in Brazil, Cameroon, China, Dubai, Ghana, India, Mauritius, Nigeria, The Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, UK, Vietnam and Zambia. Our team have a vast and rich experience. Together the trainers have, literally over 100 years of combined practical, relevant experience! And much of this experience has been gained across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

RisXcel (UK) Ltd is also actively engaged in partnering with a range of leading Universities worldwide. The nature of partnership varies and includes articulated delivery of Bachelors and Masters level degree programmes with UK, European and overseas partners together with student and staff exchange through numerous global links. The Academic Partner network gives RisXcel (UK) Ltd access to a wide range of markets. It addresses the demand for quality UK and overseas Higher Education to be made available to both local and overseas markets through these partnerships. We have always been at the forefront of education without borders, undaunted by the challenges that geographic, language or cultural barriers may present to discovery and learning.

RisXcel (UK) Ltd offers an all-round undergraduate and postgraduate study experience, to ensure learners get the best value from their time with us. We have the firm foundations, innovative approach and real world experience to offer the best in education. Our teaching is of the highest academic standard and is delivered by experienced and inspiring professionals who will share their knowledge and enthusiasm with learners as they progress through their course. And our highly trained learning support staff will provide learners with the advice, guidance and resources to make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience, and help them achieve educational goals.


Dubai SME

ASTC is a Member of Dubai SME”

Entrepreneurial Development

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment is responsible for coordinating a comprehensive program that aims to favorably impact and influence the perception of Dubai Nationals towards entrepreneurship and lower the barriers of entry for new entrepreneurs.

The Establishment’s value-added platform includes:

Increasing social acceptability of taking an entrepreneurial path.
Raising awareness of specific entrepreneurial opportunities, and of the possibilities of starting a business through ongoing training and seminars.

Educating interested potential entrepreneurs on how to start-up a business and lowering the barriers to starting new enterprises.

Matching pent-up entrepreneurial demand with business opportunities relevant to the Dubai economy and investor community. This includes introducing UAE entrepreneurs to the world of franchising and providing ongoing education and support related to starting a franchise, growing a franchise etc.
Mitigating the risk associated with a new project via concerted Government backing and support.

Training Courses

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders is committed in providing world class training to the members and to all UAE nationals interested in benefiting from the programs and workshops offered by the establishment. Please contact the (Training Department) to find out the latest training courses and workshops offered.

Enterprise Development Services

Enterprise Development Services is a UK company, aims at developing and delivering professional lean-startup training and consultancy services to potential and practicing entrepreneurs mainly in the Middle East and Africa, leveraging on the wide experience of the founder and networks with UK professionals. It is an ILM Recognized Provider and the training services are certified by the ILM-UK.

ASTC & EDS join hands to fill the gap of lean-startup training services in the MENA region. The courses include: Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset, Develop Your Business Idea, Develop Your Business Skills, Digital Startup, Project Management for Entrepreneurs, Generate & Validate Your Business Model- CANVAS, Boot camp for Entrepreneurs & Mind-Mapping tools.

ASTC always try to create the business environment better for the organizations and believe it never happens without partnerships, teamwork, and cross-border alliances. We strongly believe in innovation and partnering with Enterprise Development Services definitely would be our joint step towards making corporate world more competitive and transformed.


The Knowledge Government Gate “Maaref” is a  strategic initiative launched by the  Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, “Maaref” launched in 2013 stems from the fact  that it adopts the directions of the  leadership of the United Arab Emirates constitute the UAE vision for 2021 & the national agenda, it’s the first aiming at developing a list of best training service providers in the UAE, “Maaref” directly support the implementation of the federal government human resources strategy which is based on developing competent workforce which is capable of positioning the UAE as a global leader in key industries.


ASTC is a Proud Preferred MAAREF Training Partner”

Andre Kurten

André holds degree from UNISA and is a CAIB (SA) with the Institute of Bankers in SA. He has represented the Association of African Institute of Bankers as a subject matter expert in Financial Markets and the fellow of The Institute of Financial Markets and served as a Governor on the board for 9 years also worked in treasury at Nedcor. He has extensive knowledge of banking, Treasury, and finance product.

André worked for the SA Futures Exchange for a year as Assistant General Manager responsible for interest rate product development and lead facilitator for the South African Banking Treasury Operations Forum-SABTOF for their financial product training programs.

The ACI Financial Markets Association recognizes André as a training provider for both the ACI Dealing and Operations Certificate programs and his students have achieved excellent results in these examinations. He has facilitated workshops and training interventions for many of the large multinational financial institutions from introductory to advanced level in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, China, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.


Andre Kurten is an Expert ASTC ACI certificates Trainer.

Dr. Mahendra

Finance & Treasury Specialist

Dr. Mahendrais an International experienced finance  trainer, has been involved in consultancy and teaching on various financial topics focusing primarily on financial risk management, which includes market, credit and operational risk measurement, modeling, Risk mathematics, derivative pricing, valuation mathematics, analytics its management and modeling, Enterprise Risk Management, development and implementation of policies, processes and procedures in the businesses.


Dr. Mahendra is an ASTC expert Finance & Treasury Trainer.


David Rigby

Soft Skills Expert

First working in the Middle East twenty years ago and with 25 years’ plus experience in a customer facing business change and process transformation projects his expertise as project manager, business analyst, and programs facilitator is clear. Gaining worldwide experience in 20 countries typically he has worked within financial services divisions of organizations such as Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte (PWC) and CSC Computer Sciences. He is a practitioner of Prince2, Managing Successful Programs. Qualified in ITIL, NLP, business mentoring and life coaching and a degree from London University in Mathematics David Rigby uses his communications and presentation skills both as a radio presenter and producer and working with ASTC as an expert Soft skills trainer.



SajiniIyerhas 11 years of comprehensive experience and relentless effort in the field of training and development, combined with a passion for working on people skills have allowed her to develop expertise in this field with specialization in Interpersonal Skills (Soft Skills), English Language Enhancement, Personal Development and Leadership training.

Sajini is an experienced ASTC soft skills Trainer.

Dr. Hend

Dr. Hend has Practical Experience of over 12 years in the areas of training and development, retail, banks, management, and institutional development. She holds a master of business administration majoring in banks and financial markets and Performance Advisor for some Egyptian Government ministries, banks, international companies and private organizations. An instructor approved by the Institute of Directors in Canada, holds a diploma in management and Member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, Member of the Association of Arab trainers as well. Specialized instructor in leadership, team building and employee performance development, life skills, management, entrepreneurship, and a consultant in the field of job satisfaction and improve staff performance.

Dr. Hend is an expert ASTC bilingual English and Arabic trainer.

Ramzan Rajani

Ramzan carries more than 10+ years of experience in the field of IT Training & Project Management. After getting a Diploma in Information Technology from National Institute of Management, he did his MBA with Dual specialization in IT Project Management and a Microsoft Certified trainer and Microsoft office 2013 specialist.

He has experience of designing, managing & implementing large databases bearing very good understanding and extensive experience in Advance Excel, VBA – Macros; advance Power-Point & Excel Dynamic Dashboard.

He has trained more than 2000+ employees from executive to senior management in different companies across locations.


Ramzan travelled across the GCC and an expert ASTC Microsoft trainer.

Dr. Maya Al Hawary

Dr. Maya Al Hawary is the Chairwoman of the board of governors and the director of planning for Dubai Carmel School. She is the first PhD scholar to research Emotional Intelligence and its effect on leadership. A certified trainer on soft skills in the UAE government. She has trained around the country in all the seven emirates and also a motivational speaker and a social media influencer on all social media platforms. She is a TedEx speaker of 2019 on tolerance.

Dr.Maya was given the title “Ambassador of Knowledge” for the UAE Red Crescent for the years 2017 and 2018 for her contributions as a volunteer speaker. Last but not least, she was given the Nobel title “Tolerance Knight” under HH Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Humeid AlNuaimi. Her role is to raise awareness on tolerance in the year of tolerance through societal initiatives.

She’s highly experienced Strategic operations expert, with premium business acumen in developing universally accepted educational solutions, turning around operations & service practices, acquiring academic accreditations and managing high-value budgets.

She possess Advanced acumen in program leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, employee engagement, partnership management, policy development, performance assessments and technology integration to optimize systems, programs, policies and operations.

Dr. Maya Al Hawary

Dr. Monzer Kahf

Dr. Monzer Kahf is a professor and consultant/trainer on Islamic banking, finance, Zakah, Awqaf, Islamic Inheritance, Islamic estate planning, Islamic family law, and other aspects of Islamic economics, finance, Islamic transactions (Mu’amalat). Dr. Monzer Kahf is currently Professor of Islamic Finance & Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Turkey

Dr. Kahf has organized and conducted many training courses at IDB, IRTI, commercial Islamic banks, and other banking institutions in several countries in the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, West Africa, Europe and North America. He has also trained people in Islamic Economics, Zakah and Awqaf. He has been an invited lecturer/speaker on Islamic banking, finance and economics by several national and international training and teaching institutions and conferences in several countries. He has also been a collaborating expert at the Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and member of several of its technical and methodological committees on Shari’ah and economics.

Dr. Kahf was awarded the IDB Prize for Islamic Economics, 2001 and the President of Syria Award for best University Graduating Student, July 1962. Dr. Kahf is fluent in English, Arabic and knows French.

Dr. Monzer Kahf

Thierry Fuller

Thierry Fuller is a highly experienced trainer and consultant in banking operations and risk management, especially in emerging markets. Since, 1997, he has worked as a consultant and trainer in the USA and Europe with the Top Three Investment Banks in the World (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BOA Merrill Lynch) , most of the largest Top 20 Banks in the World (Citi, HSBC, BNP Paribas, ING, J.P. Morgan Chase, Stanchart, Santander, Bank of China, BBVA, ABN AMRO , Commerzbank etc…) , all Top 4 Audit/Tax Accounting Firms, commodity trading company and other prestigious financial institutions.

Recently, Mr. Fuller has worked with Central Banks (such as Bank Indonesia and Central Bank of Ireland) and Development banks (Africa Development Bank, Slovenia Development bank) in the area of regulation, supervision and Basel 3/4 implementation. Mr. Fuller has extensive experience training BOD, Managing Board members, senior executives and managers in risk management for banks having conducted such training for more 30 banks in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India and Hong Kong. He also has extensive training experience in the Middle East having worked with banks in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Jordan. Mr Fuller is also an expert in Treasury Management including Islamic Treasury products.

Prof. Satish Shinde

Prof. Satish Shinde obtained Ph.D. in Finance from University of Pune, India. He is also Post Graduate in Statistics and MBA in Finance. He counts over one and half decades of practical banking experience in corporate lending and project financing. He is in training and consultancy for more than two decades.

Prof. Shinde was Associate Professor at ‘National Institute of Bank Management’, India. He also served as Senior Training Consultant with the ‘Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency’ (SAMA), Riyadh for three years. He runs his own firm ‘Risk Management Associates’ engaged in training and consultancy for banks and financial institutions.

Prof. Shinde has conducted a large number of on-location finance, credit and risk management related training program/seminars for banks in South Asia and Middle East. He has also assisted banks in establishing integrated risk management and control systems, besides Basle compliance. Prof. Shinde has published a book titled ‘Cash flow Analysis for Lending and Investment’. He is also working as Short Term Consultant for World Bank Group (WBG). The assignments handled for WBG relate to credit and risk management areas.

Prof. Shinde has conducted following training programs for UAE based banks:

– ‘Noor Islamic Bank’ – Induction Program for Management Trainees

– ‘Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’ – Analysis of Bank Financial Statements and Rating of Banks

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