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Relationship Management & Selling skills

Aug 20-22 | Dec 10-12,2019 | Dubai, UAE



In today’s economy, our customers have greater accessibility for information and product ranges. This is the time where products are becoming extremely competitive with limited tangible differentiators. Hence, attracting new customers and retaining existing customers are becoming very challenging and more expensive. As a result, the strategic and effective approach would be towards building a sustainable relationship with the customer that would be based on service quality and trust. This is where relationship selling is the key differentiator for your company.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the main difference between conventional and relationship selling;
  • Define the Golden Selling Principles
  • Describe the role of the Relationship Manager
  • Outline what Clients expect from their banks;
  • State important differences between product-based selling and needs-based selling;
  • Identify the five steps of the Relationship Selling Process to achieve a successful sale and a loyal Client
  • Use sales skills and techniques to move successfully through the sales process
  • Customize the product features to the benefit of the specific Client in 5 steps
  • Realize the importance of clients’ retention vs. acquisition
  • Define the characteristics of the WIIFM channel;
  • Define the 4 effective steps in handling the toughest objections
  • Identify techniques to sell effectively against the competition
  • Outline the 4 proven steps to closing a deal
  • Outline key factors behind a successful salesperson, a successful sales call and a happy Client.
Is it right for me?

The course is Suitable for:

  • Team Leaders, Account Managers
  • Decision makers at any level from every field
  • staff working in sales, Sales Executives
  • Customer service department, Sales Managers
  • Customer Relationship officers, Relationship Managers

*ASTC reserves the right to alter venue, dates, content & trainer.

Course Fee: US$ 1,950 (Fee+5%VAT as applicable from 1st Jan 2018)
Duration: 3-Days
Country: Dubai, UAE
Training Dates: Aug 20-22 | Dec 10-12,2019

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