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ACI Operations Certificate Training-New Version (Online Live Sessions)

Sep 19 - 21, 2021 | 100% Online Live Sessions



ASTC is presenting ACI Operations – New Version in Live Online Training Program. The Program will  be based on 3 days teaching by Mr. Andre Kurten, A well-trained and efficiently organized Treasury Operations Department is essential to complete every transaction. The Operations Department provides a vital service to the Front-Office by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and that all the necessary documentation is completed. Taking into consideration the wider job function of the Operations Staff, this examination has been designed to provide a benchmark for competency in all aspects of the operations and settlement processes. It aims to test candidates’ knowledge of the underlying instruments involved in the international financial markets, the processes for efficient settlements and related basic financial calculations. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate the appreciation of the scope, importance and the role of the Operations Department, particularly in ensuring an autonomous service to the Front-Office.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Learn overall Financial Market and Front to End Treasury View
  • Understand Deal Capture, Trade Entry, and Confirmations
  • Learn Define the features of foreign exchange instruments (spot, forward, swap).
  • Rates, Define the characteristics of the major money market instruments,
  • Understand the main money market benchmark fixings & etc.
  • Understand Learn Derivatives, market for currency and interest rates will be examined.
  • Discuss the OTC as well as exchange-traded environment, explain the characteristics and Forward Rate Agreements-FRAs, short-term interest rate futures, interest rate swaps-IRSs.
  • Financial Markets Applications, describe Basic call and put options as well as caps and floors and their settlement process. Describe and outline the major factors for Market risk, Credit risk & Operational risk
  • Documentation, Financial Market, Post trade internal reconciliation calculation etc. & learn latest developments of operations department
Is it right for me?

The course is Suitable for:

  • Recent entrants to the Operations Department (Back-Office)
  • Other trading room support areas;
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Compliance and risk officers
  • Product Control
Course Fee: US$ 1,200 | US$ 1,580 including Exam (Fee+5%VAT as applicable from 1st Jan 2018)
Duration: 3 days
Country: 100% Online Live Sessions
Training Dates: Sep 19 - 21, 2021

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