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Effective Business Communication Skills

Nov 08-10, 2020 | Dubai, UAE



Communication takes place through a multitude of mediums and a variety of levels whether it’s in an informal email or a professional report; the skills that you display go a long way in determining your success. In business communication, your language, whether oral or written, is very crucial to present your stance more clearly and purposeful. These 3 days’ workshop enables you to communicate more effectively, train you to write and communicate clearly for a number of audiences with meanings that carry weight and compel them to take initiatives with confidence and trust.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:


  • Learn effective presentation techniques, set clear purpose and teach how to handle nerves and stage fright.
  • Know your audience to better design and develop content and theme in PowerPoint accordance to the practical requirement.
  • Learn tools and techniques which help in making story structure, body language, visual aids and handling difficult and tricky situations.
  • This session provides opportunity for delegates to deliver 15-20 minutes presentation where trainer helps them to make it improve by addressing weak points.
Is it right for me?

The course is Suitable for:

  • Trainers and key-note speakers
  • Managers and departmental heads
  • Experienced Sales and Marketing professionals
  • Anyone who gets involve in presenting their views/business in front of audience in any environment and eager to excel their presentation and communication skills.

*ASTC reserves the right to alter venue, dates, content & trainer.

Course Fee: US$ 1,950 (Fee+5%VAT as applicable from 1st Jan 2018)
Duration: 3-Days
Country: Dubai, UAE
Training Dates: Nov 08-10, 2020

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