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Treasury Boot Camp – Treasury Product and Management

| Bosnia


Course Description

This Treasury Products and Management course is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of the Treasury Department and its activities.   Professionals in the Treasury department of a bank or a corporate along with Relationship Managers, Accountants, Risk Managers, Internal/External Auditors, Regulators, Operations Staff and other financial professionals will find this course very helpful in his or her work.  This program will give participants the best practical tools and approaches for Treasury management.  The program will use lectures, real life case studies, and workshops to give attendees the latest and most practical tools and techniques which they can apply in their organization to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to

  • Identify the Functions of the Treasury Department
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the CFO and Treasurer
  • Identify the Best Practices of the Treasury function of a bank
  • Understand how the Treasury function funds the institution
  • Analyse the key components of yield conventions and yield curve in funding pricing.
  • Describe and Structure key short term funding money market products such as inter-bank deposits, Repo, etc… in the conventional and Islamic markets
  • Describe and Structure key capital market products and loan products such as US Bond, Eurobond, 144A, Private Placement, loan syndication, sukuk etc… in the conventional and Islamic markets
  • Understand and use interest rate derivative products like FRA, Interest rate swaps and caps/floors/swaptions/ For profit swaps, Wa’ad, Arbun in the conventional and Islamic markets
  • Understand and use foreign exchange products such as FX spot, FX forwards, cross-currency swaps, Back to back Murabaha, arbun and currency options in the conventional and Islamic markets
  • Understand and use commodity and credit derivative products
  • Structure and use the latest derivative products in exotic options such as average rate, basket, lookback etc…
  • Identify the best practices in managing Funding, Liquidity and Market Risk in Banking and Corporate Treasury

Module 1:  The Treasury Function

Module 2: Funding the Bank and Company

Module 3:  Interest Rate Risk Hedging

Module 4:  Managing Foreign Exchange Risk

Module 5:  Advanced Treasury Products

Module 6:  Managing Corporate Treasury

Module 7:  ALM and Bank Treasury

Course Fee: US$ 11,500 per delegate Including accommodation in Bosnia
Duration: 14 Days
Country: Bosnia
Training Dates:

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