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Learn Team Work from the Champs-Real Madrid

Learn Team Work from the Champs-Real Madrid

GAME ON! Learn Team work From the Champs (Real Madrid)

Anyone here who doesn’t love/follow soccer???


There are thousands of the books and articles who have written to explain the meaning of teamwork and their characteristics more in a hypothetical manner. I choose the best real life champs game, Football, to explain the practical example of team work.

Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) is my favorite player and I’m sure you like him too. To explain the combination of spirit, strategy, compassion, common goal, success and sense of achievement I choose Real Madrid as my dream team to explain teamwork in reality.

Match: Year-2016

Real Madrid-6   VS      Espanyol-0   



4:3:3 (ATT)                   4:4:2 (DEF)                

Goal Summary

Goal # 

Goal 1Scored By Ronaldo, Move By Modric pass to Ronaldo, Time 7 min

Goal 2Scored By Ronaldo, Move By Bale got penalty and pass to Ronaldo, Time 16 min

Goal 3Scored By Ronaldo, Move By Bale pass to Ronaldo, Time 20 min

Goal 4Scored By Karim Benzema , Move By Bale-Ronaldo-Karim, Time 28min

Goal 5Scored By Ronaldo, Move By Bale to Ronaldo, Time 16 min(2nd half)

Goal 6Scored By Ronaldo, Move By Bale-Lucas-Ronaldo, Time 35 min(2nd half)

Everywhere on the scoreboard, you’ll see only one name “Cristiano Ronaldo” but in reality, if you watch the match except one goal almost all the goals are on the credit of the team. Ronaldo never does 5 goals in this match without the other mates.

Marcelo—Carvajal— Modric—Bale—Karim—Ronaldo

Win or Lose is the part of the game but the most important thing is the team work, consistency and combined action to achieve success and share joy which you can learn from this match.

In the corporate world, revenue is the blood of the business and every company strives for maximize the profit of their shareholders and provide sustainability and future to the other stakeholders.

“Teamwork” means a combined action of the group in the most efficient and effective manner to achieve a common goal.

You can achieve success more than the expected if you work more to the soft sides of the business.

What we learn from the Match

We learn from the match that an individual is nothing if all the rest of the players not perform their best. If others did not perform their best then a question always comes in mind, why should I give my best? Why I do the efforts if all things go in vain at the end. If there is no team work then you’ll not only lose the competent and work oriented employees but also a time will come when surrounded by only those who are lazy, unenthusiastic and barriers to success and soon help the organization in sinking.

Ronaldo could never do 5 goals in a match if not supported and assisted by others and in the end everyone share success and achievement.

In the business, the most key person is the one who drives the business (CEO) as manager in the team but we cannot ignore the other team members. Directors, Managers, departmental heads, team leads, seniors and junior/newly hired staff, all are the keys to success. Team work is important at each level and everyone would be the part of the wheel in the cycle of success.

Formation in soccer gives me a feeling of strategy which can never be same in the different scenarios. Your strategy should be changed in accordance with market competitiveness and project over the project.

Forwards are those who are the most skillful, game changer and complete finishers as in the Real Madrid; Bale, Karim, and Ronaldo so always use the best competent people who become the face of your company.

In short, if you want to achieve your goals and taste success in the business, you must build a team of right people with the required combination of squad skills and develop the following characteristics to make things happen:

1.      Clear Common Goals and vision

2.      Create a culture of Sharing & positivity

3.      Stimulate a sense of responsibility and delegation

4.      Gather a team from diversity of backgrounds with different skills but like-minded

5.      Encourage sense of ownership

6.      Generate success stories and attitude of winning

7.      Create a paradigm of processes, KPIs and SOPs’  and follow consistently

8.      Support them, respect their voice and let them participate in every decision, try to avoid authoritative approach.

I believe the relationship and team work would create the work environment healthier, happy, fun based and more goals oriented.

“Teamwork is the key to success”

Happy Team, Happy Business

Written By: Mr. ALI DANISH

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