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ASTC Offers 2 Types of Web-Based Live Trainings. Click on the links below to learn more:

From Traditional Classroom to Web-Based Live Trainings

Web-Based Live Trainings

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Top Eight Reasons to Attend Live Training programs

ASTC Web-based live training has many advantages; you connect with the trainer in the same manner as in a traditional classroom.

  1. Live Online Training: The instructor is live during the session, deliver training program where you can see him, listen him, interact with him in real-time manner, ask him the questions any time during the session and have an access to slides, notes, participate in polls and do practice questions during the session. You can get answer any of your questions in real time. You can communicate with the instructor both electronically and verbally in our live online training sessions, interacting just as you would in the classroom.


  1. Convenience You can participate in a session from a location of your choosing – your office, home, a client/customer location, or a coffee shop is all perfectly suitable for learning in a live environment. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a PC or a Mac/Cell phone from which to sign on to the session.


  1. Course Material Students will be provided with a high-quality version of the course materials in an electronic/digital format. Materials are provided to students upon registration for their class so you can review even before the session starts.

  2. Mock Exams In certified Programs like ACI we conduct online mock exam and you’ll get the same benefits and experience that you would in a classroom setting.

  3. Time Savings Because there is no need to travel to participate in a webinar, you save valuable time in your busy schedule.  

  4. Learners Interaction Even in this virtual, live online training environment you will gain valuable knowledge interacting with other participants in class though direct chat, in our breakout sessions, and during course lectures. There would be enough time to discuss with trainer and with other participants to clarify each concept.

  5. Cost Saving Live Web-Based Trainings typically cost far less than equivalent traditional seminars or training sessions. Further, you save the travelling cost, accommodation cost and other associated costs as well.

  6. Achieve a Certificate At the end of the session, a certificate of attendance will be issue to all of the participants within twenty four hours after the session completed.

We assured you of a high-quality learning solutions that is both convenient and affordable.

We look forward to seeing you on the Web!

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