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Digital B2B

B2B buyers are having different buying lifecycle and mindset as compared to B2C customers. They think differently and need high-tech, low cost, rich in quality suites that address their needs in more competitive sense in terms of technology, communication and digitalization. We develop your strategy and team to address the customer lifecycle from scratch to end. We help you to generate more leads, nurture your B2B funnel and turn leads into buyers after aligning the whole process with your organizational strategy.
ASTC is your success partner in making your B2B lifecycle more valued and cost-effective.

Our Director, ALI once said;

“Success deserve sweat, it’s merely a combination of solid strategy, hard work, consistency and learning from failure”

Sales Force Excellence

In the current slow growth economic environment, most of the companies are under extreme pressure of producing sales and even in the period where economy begins to move up after a slowdown, few companies find themselves stuck with sales issues and effective performance management.
We help clients to build high performance sales culture, highly effective sales force and results driven business development teams, by dissection of their current strategy, culture, system, processes, talent, rewards and technology. It’s really hard to run a smooth sales organization with increasing revenue gradually because it’s too difficult to find the root cause of underperformance and tougher, how to fix it. ASTC helps organizations improve sales force effectiveness at organizational and individual level by using our cyclic approach to generate quick wins and long term effective sales force.

Aristotle Once said;

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”.

360° Marketing

Every corner has strategic importance. We help clients to build their comprehensive 360” marketing campaign which covers B2B inbound marketing strategy, Website Content development, Social media, SEO, B2B advertisement, advertising content generation, obtaining and nurturing leads, and turn them into buyers to achieve marketing ROI.
We believe in strategic marketing and help companies plan and implement strategic marketing programs, in the most innovative way, to satisfy customers’ needs and realize their marketing potential. We connect brand with the customers whether it’s a new launch, on-going business or fundamental rethinking. ASTC consulting process brings a unique approach to address clients’ need & goals by revamping their marketing strategy and help them to maximize ROI.

Peter Drucker Once Said;

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself”.

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