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The Art of Delegation; Improve Your Managerial Productivity

The Art of Delegation; Improve Your Managerial Productivity

Management means setting the corporate strategy, and a complete process of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading the organizational resources efficiently to achieve corporate objectives.
Most of the leaders and managers are good at managing their team but the dilemma they suffer, instead of focus on core activities; waste most of their time in doing the work on others behalf and take team burden on his shoulders.

We forgot the commonly used definition of Management;

“Getting the work done through people”     

Time is precious and the art of managing a team is, in fact, is the art of delegation. Successful managers always focus on their core work, have enough spare time to do other day to day tasks because they completely understand the importance of delegation while unsuccessful poorly skilled managers take the burden of others on their shoulders, deviate from their main work and thought it will increase productivity but practically it’s going totally reversed.

The delegation of task on the one hand, not only allow managers to focus on their core work but on the other hand it gives your employees confidence, responsibility, independent decision-making ability, and the most importantly it helps them grow.

Learn from Henry

A few weeks back, I met with one of my friend Henry who is a manager in a well-reputed company and during the dinner his wife complaint about his behavior, sleeplessness, and a busy schedule after office timings even at weekends. After inquired he revealed me the truth that how much he is devastated and overburden by his new position at work since he became the manager. He shared with me his problems about team handling issues, the overburden of the work and due to this, he is unable to balance his work and social life.


His boss hired a girl Elizabeth as assistant production manager and Henry expected her to help in his task and managing the team but unfortunately, she’s just good in managing her desk and whenever she became overload she shifted her work on Henry like others. So, there is no productive use of adding a layer in the department and instead of the increase in productivity, it’s getting worst for the Henry.

After 45 minutes of discussion, I felt there is nothing serious except he is taking other works on his back and due to this he is totally deviating from his main activities, unable to finish core tasks timely and living imbalance life.

He elaborated that how his teammates get into his room 10 times in a day and how they put their work on his shoulder, sit back on their seat and asking every time how’s’ it’s going on? Did you solve it?  When do I expect the solution? even more than twice in a single day unless I finished the task. What do I suppose to do?

The only skill he is lacking the delegation. I believe you cannot direct, organize and develop your team unless you let them do their work.

Delegation is Positive

I refer him few related techniques and practices and after a month I met him again in an event and experienced a positive change in him. He told me after practicing the delegation, he has enough time to focus on managerial work, his family and friends now bit happy from him and his health getting better due to proper sleep and exercise, his team involved in the work more, take ownership of their work, create positive work culture, even productivity and deals closed quicker than before.

Published on 4th September, 2017 By Mr. Ali danish

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